Monday, February 15, 2010

Nargila Restaurant: Best Lunch in Thamel

Nagila restaurant is a small unsuspecting place just north of the Kathmandu Guest House under the Tom & Jerry pub and near more well known places like New Orleans Cafe. For the money, this place serves the best lunches I have had in Thamel, hands down, and that is saying a lot about an area that is packed with what seems like several hundred eateries of various quality. It serves Middles Eastern food at prices that are very reasonable, most of the menu is between 100 and 300 NRS.
This review is being done a week after we actually went, for the second time, so you need to forgive my utter lack of memory with the menu.

The tea is an excellent value. For around 90 NRS we got a small pot of tea (about 3.5 cups) and Kim's cinnamon ginger tea had large chunks of fresh ginger and real cinnamon bark floating in her pot, while my lemon tea had a good amount of the fresh squeezed stuff.

Kim both times got the hummus (around 150 NRS) and it was excellent. Served with two hot pieces of pita it was some of the best hummus we've had outside of the middle east. Certainly a good deal for the price.

Now I need to apologize for not even remembering the name of the wrap thing I got. What I do know is that both versions I got (mutton/falafel) were huge and very good. Both are made with the previously mentioned main ingredient, and stuffed with a cucumber salad, humus, and a bunch of french fries. At 205/210 NRS these are a great deal. The food was well prepared and fresh. They give you so much food that as you can see, my pita is experiencing structural failure in this picture. If I had to pick a fault I would say that the falafel, while good, was not quite like what I've had in authentic places, was a little dry and had corn in it. This is mostly nitpicking because the resulting sandwich/wrap was awesome.

All in all a great deal for the cash, and as much as I like to try new places whenever I get a chance, this place makes it tough, because I'd just as soon get lunch here. As I said, of all the places we've eaten in Thamel, this was the best for the money.
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