Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Can of Gas, and some Electricity

So for the last few days we have been a little limited in our internet access due to only having internet when we have power. Power in Nepal is rationed this time of year, and thus we are at the whims of load shedding. A table entitled "Load Shading Ineffective from 28 Jan 2000 years and 10" (this makes me laugh every time) tells us when we do and don't have power. We've concluded after some observations that we are in zone 3. The good news is that we got a battery and inverter today that charges when the power is on and lets us continue to work when the power goes out. An electrician will be over tomorrow to hook it up.

We also made the jump to gas powered cooking yesterday when we got a gas canister for our stove. Our first meal was ginger fried rice, and todays lunch was mexican rice with refried beans and salsa. Not five star but it's nice to be able to cook again. The produce here is very cheap, and I was able to find some Nepali produced mozzarella that is quite good for only 150 NRS. As long as you stick to what is grown in season you can eat very good food on the cheap.

As usual both of these recent acquisitions owe thanks to Pradip for contacting the right people and getting them into our hands, especially the inverter and battery. My understanding is that all the inverters were draining the power supply so the government moved to ban their import. That combined with several recent holidays had made it a tricky matter to get our hands on one. Pradip always seems to know who to talk to.

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