Monday, February 8, 2010

Irish Pub

So down Lazimpat Rd. is a little place called Irish Pub, which we had heard is popular with ex-pats, and so we decided we would give it a go. Immediately upon entering the place you knew this was not your average Nepali bar/restaurant. It oozed atmosphere, had a seriously well stalked bar and had a huge high def television. The menu came and though it was a little on the high side for Nepal, you knew immediately that this place took quality seriously. Although tempted by the giant cocktail menu, Kim and I decided to pass on alcohol, though it should be noted that they had a great selection. For meals I got a Guinness Burger and Kim got a variation on an Irish stew. The menu items seemed to range from about 200 NRS to 450 NRS.

Now anyone who has had a burger in Asia is familiar with the normal short falls. Crappy beef or those mystery meet frozen patties, with horrible bread and forget about real cheese. This was just the opposite, and put many burgers I've had back home to shame. The cheese was excellent, the beef was real and very good (a rarity in a Hindu country) and the mushrooms and bacon were cooked just right. The roll was freshly made and toasted just right. Hands down best burger I have had outside the US. The fries were hand cut and not over cooked in old oil as is so common in Nepal, they too were just right and the lightly seasoned salad was a nice touch.
The walls are decorated with posters for Irish brews, just like the pubs we were at in Dublin.
This is the best stocked bar I've seen in Nepal, and has heaps of atmosphere!

We finished the meal with an piece of apple pie that was served with a side of sauce made from Baily's and some chocolate sauce. Awesome. I think it was like 250 NRS, whatever it was it was worth it. I think you could get spoiled very quickly if you ate here too often because everything else would just seem second rate.
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  1. not sure what your smoking but the food was horrible as well as the band plays same 20 songs everynight butchering them lead vocal sounds like a dying dog

  2. I wasn't smoking anything. You'll notice that this post was written in 2010. The location in question has since changed hands at least twice that I know of and is now run by young Nepalis and not foreigners.


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