Monday, February 1, 2010

Why Kim is a Vegetarian in Nepal

When Kim and I first met, she was actually a vegetarian. She's never been real fond of meat, and usually wants everything well done and without bones to hide the fact that it was ever alive in the first place. In Nepal there is no avoiding the notion of where the meat you are eating comes from, and the conditions it is prepared in could be described as less than sanitary. Although in the US I would normally have my Hamburger cooked medium, you can bet in Nepal I'm asking for everything to be well done.
Above here we have some freshly prepared chickens. The one thing you can say about the meat here is that it is definitely freshly prepared for you. Chances are that what you are eating at night was most likely breathing in the morning.
Here is my favorite picture, if you look closely you can see the boars head in the back left of the shop. Wild boar is always this color, I'm not sure why exactly it's prepared this way. You can see some of the back mane of the boar on some of the meat. On the right you can a lamb or goats head, it must have sold well cause there isn't much else of it hanging around. What you can't see in the photo are the flies that make regular pilgrimages to these sights.
Aside from the flies, Kim also isn't impressed with how everything is just out there in the open just waiting to get dirty. I think that argument can be cured by just washing everything before cooking and then making sure everything is thoroughly cooked. Kim disagrees, she just says, "No, gross! It's just sitting out collecting and growing bacteria!"
Kim's reborn a vegetarian!
I'm gonna get me some buff sizzler today!
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FINAL LUGGAGE UPDATE: We finally received all of our luggage last night. All of it arrived and aside from our bags seeing a little bit of wear, everything was accounted for and in good condition. Again I'd like to give a big thanks to Kim's dad and Pradip for helping us get them to us, because without them we would still be without them. Thanks!

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