Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lost in Translation- Part 2

So here are a few more pictures I've taken with signs that have English of questionable translation. On more than a few instances I've wished I had my camera with me to take shots of some menus. Menus seem to be the leading offenders. For instance one proudly stated; "Your opinion is our motto!" Some menus list cheese as chis, so it might be called a chis burger, another common mistake is calling french fries, french fried. Every time I go out to eat I get a little chuckle.
I Have no idea what a Nepali Test is. I am thinking that maybe it's a "taste" but even that doesn't really make too much sense.
I'm thinking that Hoarding is not quite the word that they were looking for. What surprises me here is that this is clearly a marketing campaign with some bucks behind it. This is a very large billboard visible from King's Way in central Kathmandu. Heh.
I'm still not sure what exactly this is referring to. At first I thought maybe a hospital, but the hospital is in the opposite direction. This is at the end of a small road just south of where I am staying in Lazimpat.
LOL- in case you were looking for a quickie!
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Something else that I find really funny, but can't share, is that almost all the commercials are in dual language on the Indian and Nepali stations on TV. So the whole commercial will go by in Hindi lets say, and then right at the end the tag line will be delivered in English. I find this really odd, and more than once it has gotten a laugh out of me.

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