Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summit Hotel Farmer's Market

It was actually less of a "Farmer's Market" and more of a specialty market with things westerners like, but it was great to be able to get some of the things we found here. First thing we found were two large bins of strawberries that we could pick through to find some good ones. They have these available at the supermarket here, but they always look terrible. These look good and I'm looking forward to eating them. Kim also picked up some dried strawberries, dried strawberries covered in dark chocolate and we got some sun dried tomatoes too.
I was happiest about getting some safe to eat fresh greens. Included in what we got in this category were two things of fresh basil, some fresh rosemary, some salad greens and beats. They had lots of other fresh herbs, scallions, carrots and other good looking veggies too. I also found a guy who was selling French style goat cheese for 240 NRS, and you got two good sized blocks of it, so that seemed like a decent price. Considdering how many goats are in this country I find it a little peculiar that they don't make more French or Greek style goat cheeses and export them, even if there isn't local demand. That stuff can be fairly pricey in the US and Europe, though I'm sure there are tariffs and regulations.
We also got some good looking bread one loaf of whole wheat and one white, and grabbed some apple pie while we were at it to have as a snack. We met up with a couple we had met at birthday party the night before and talked to them for a bit while relaxing in the grounds of the hotel, which were quite green and pleasant. Marc is from Scotland and Helen is from New Zealand, and both have been in Kathmandu a little longer than we have. They live down in the Patan area near where the hotel is, but it was a bit further for us.
There were other items for sale here including some like lip balms made all naturally from bee's wax and another woman that was selling different spreads like pates. It's nice to be able to get some of this stuff, and I am very much looking forward to making pasta sauce with fresh herbs and a nice fresh salad all served with good bread along side, but the distance to Patan may keep this from being a weekly event. Anyway great that we found it and looking very forward to dinner.

To anyone reading this and wanting to know where and when this takes place;
Summit Hotel in Patan
Sunday & Wednesday from 10AM to 12:30 PM
By 10:30ish some stuff was already sold out when we went on Sunday so, it might be worth showing up early. I've been told there are less people on Wednesday


  1. i LOVE the farmer's market at summit. my only gripe is that it's in patan and we're in ktm :)

  2. I love the farmer's market coz we can get these lovely organic eat fresh n healthy..


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