Monday, March 22, 2010

Farmers Market Results

It is amazing what a few ingredients can do to create meals that taste just that much better. The trip to Patan will still likely make farmer's market expedition a bi-weekly event but after the last couple meals I will be more tempted to go more often. Last night we had the best meal we've had in our apartment so far, at least in my oppinion.
We started off with a beat and cheese salad on a bed of Boston lettuce and garnished with fresh rosemary, balsamic vinegar and an olive oil with sun dried tomatoes and ginger. The main course wasn't too fancy, just pasta with a home made tomato sauce. The sauce was much better than my last attempt, which wasn't bad, but this time the fresh basil and the oregano we picked up made a big impact. I also added one hot pepper just to add a bit of kick. A little parmesan cheese and some very good whole wheat bread all made for a good meal. A last minute run to the store to grab some wine completed a great meal
For breakfast the next morning we put the strawberries to use, making a home made strawberry sauce and using the good bread to make some excellent French toast with fresh nutmeg and cinnamon ground up before hand.

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