Monday, March 29, 2010

Lost in Translation- Part 3

Just got back from a great weekend in Nagarkot, despite not having any Himalayan views due to the dust in the air. I'll go ahead and do a post on that when I have a bit more energy. I did however upload pictures from that hike and my other pictures from this month to the "Nepal Pics- March" on the left side of the page. For now I thought I'd put up my latest collection of signs in Nepal that didn't quite get the English phrases right.
The sub tagline "We need trade not aid" is an apt one and is a good sentiment. Declaring yourself "a total handicrafts" however is somewhat humorous.
I have no idea what "visit yourself" is supposed to refer to when dealing with pizza, or anything else for that matter.

Feel the new taste is definitely an interesting tag line to choose.
Nepali's seem to have a little trouble with the word "the" they add it where it doesn't go or, as here, it is omitted from where it should be. There were a couple of these rocks painted up by the army training grounds outside Nagarkot, the others can be viewed in the March Photos on the left hand side of the page.
There's actually nothing wrong with this one really, and yet it's quite funny. Abercrombie and Fitch watch out.


  1. Hi,

    I checked out your trading company website and see you are selling a 'Small Prayer Flag Bungle', lol.

    I have vague notions of an extended stay in Nepal, so thank you for this blog, it's helpful as I do the research.


  2. Lol...

    Just doing our part to fit in I guess =). To be fair it's an inactive website, and a good reminder to take it down.

    Glad you liked the blog and if you have any specific questions about staying here feel free to ask.

  3. Thanks for the offer.

    Here's a question: I'm wondering what you would suggest as the best strategy for getting and maintaining an extended visa, given that one simpley wants to reside there, and is not coming for any specialized purpose.

    I have a fairly good amount of financial resources. I thought that by itself might be enough, but it doesn't appear to be the case. They want you to make spending or investment commitments that I'm not sure I could meet. (This in regards to a 'resident' visa.)

    Is it correct that you have a business visa? I thought that your strategy involved establishing the Red Lotus company, but you're going to take the website down? What then will provide the rationale for your visa? Maybe you blogged about this and I missed it?

    If you could respond to len5742 (at), that would be great, I think it might be easier to communicate via email. Or if you'd rather not, we could discuss here, I do appreciate any help you can provide.



  4. Len, I sent you an e-mail on the topic.


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