Monday, March 15, 2010


I don't know if these are Bollywood films or just Nepali made movies, I'm not that intimate with the local movie scene. All I know is that every other week a new batch of posters go up that make me chuckle. I'd never go see the movies but I'm sure glad they put these posters up. When I notice that new ones are up on a walk down Lazimpat road I always stop to admire the new ones. I never got a picture of one of my favorites which was this guy whos side kicks included a monkey and a german shepherd. That poster was awesome.

This is my favorite out of the current batch. It has all the hallmarks of a bad poster, the rampant splattering of fake blood, the cool guy with the shades on, but the woman takes the cake. I have no idea how to even interpret what she is. The trident whos two prongs bend too much to actually stab you isn't very threatening, the face she is making is classic. I love this poster.
This one I think is kind of weak. The guy with the bug eyes and the silly amount of fake blood in the lower left kind of saves it. The guy in the hat is a little hard to take seriously.
Kim likes this one. The complete averageness of the actors is kind of refreshing but the heart and butterfly graphics look straight out of two decades ago. Still this one brings a grin to my face. The hats the guys are wearing are an awesome touch.


This song has been playing quite a bit around here, and is terrible, and yet quite catchy at the same time. Kim and I have sadly been singing this back and forth. It's the part at 2:30 that gets us, that guys voice is just too much.

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