Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Walk to the Office

Our new office for Harilo is on New Road, which is a great location, but its quite a walk from the apartment, (luckily I can get a cab for under $2). It's an interesting walk, and I thought I'd share come of the photos along the way.
The K.C.'s garden at our apartment is in full bloom right now and is very nice. Tranquil, relaxing and green, unlike much of Kathmandu. It's a nice little oasis to have just outside our door.

Just on the north side of the palace walls heading toward Lazimpat road there is this area where there is always a mass amount of laundry being hung out to dry. The buildings highlighted in bright pastels are a nice contrast.

Crossing the bridge over Kanti Path you start getting into the really bustling part of the city. Here we see some fruit vendors watching over their fruit armed with dusters to keep the more tenacious flies at bay.

The very narrow and very busy Hanuman Dhoka Road is almost like stepping back several hundred years. Bronze/copper cookware, carpets, knock off clothing and accessories, children's toys and bicycles are all sold along this narrow street. Pedestrians, motor cycles, rickshaws, fruit vendors and the occasional vehicle or tuk-tuk all vie for what little space there is.

You can't go half on Kathmandu's roads without running into a temple of some kind. Here we come across a temple and local commerce on Hanuman Dhoka.

At this busy intersection traffic kind of collides with pedestrians, although thankfully not all that often literally. 

Here we are approaching our New Road location up ahead, it's the green building with the green roof over the open roof top restaurant. Our office is up on the sixth floor.

This is the view from our office looking out toward Durbar Square on the opposite side of the building. On the little hill in the background you can make out the stupa at Swayambhunath.

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