Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Crown for a Blender

You don't miss things until they are gone. It's just a fact of human nature that we tend to take things that have always been there for granted. So moving to a place like Nepal you become aware of many of the things that you have taken for granted back home (though it works both ways as I am more aware of things I always went without back home). Here we appreciate having electricity a little more, as we go without up to twelve hours a day. You conserve water a little more, as the dry season nears its end the Kathmandu water table gets quite low and there are shortages in some parts of the city. Sometimes I'd like to go running, but Kathmandu's streets and smog just aren't conducive to that type of activity. Sometimes things are just different, and it makes you appreciate some things a little more.

There are many things I've been trying to cook lately that require a blender. Well, nothing requires a blender, but they certainly make things less labor intensive. Anyone ever try to make hummus by smashing chick peas in a mortar and pestle? Crush fresh cinnamon and nutmeg to dust? Chop all the salsa components or make smoothies by force of will alone? I have tried all of these with varying success lately and I'll tell you what, I appreciate blenders more for it.

So the other day I made my way over to Bhat Betini to pick up a blender. One of the best purchases I have made since coming to Kathmandu. Papaya lassies, strawberry smoothies, diced herbs and vegetables, smooth humus, and finely ground spices.

Now if only we had power to run it most of the time.

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