Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cibo Sandwich Bar: Lunch Done Right

So on recommendation from some from some friends we decided we'd give this small restaurant just off Lazimpat a try for lunch. I had noticed when going up toward the British Embassy, but since it was connected to the back side of the ambassador hotel I had inappropriately decided that it was probably just over priced hotel food. Lesson learned, don't judge it before you try it.

As stated, this little gem is on the back side of the Ambassador hotel at the southern end of Lazimpat road, but the sandwich bar itself is located on the street with the CIWEC Clinic, the British Embassy and the Indian Embassy on it. It is a smallish shop, but the decor and atmosphere are done right, you could be in any sandwich shop in North America or Europe. It also offers free wi-fi, so not a bad spot for a lunch meeting or a place to get a little work done while you have lunch.

The sandwiches were great. I got a Thai style chicken satay in a pita, and Kim got a vegetable pesto panini. Both were served with a very good coleslaw and a generous amount of chips (crisps for you British folk). The  satay sauce was a little light but the over all taste was almost perfect. Vegetables were crisp, fresh and well prepared, and the bread the pita was authentic, much better than what I've had at other places. I was most impressed with Kim's sandwich as I had doubts as to whether the panini would be done right, but to our pleasant surprise it came out very well. Kim had nothing but good things to say about the bread and pesto. The best part was that you got what your taste buds were expecting, often food imitating western tastes can leave you a little wanting, this place does it right and we left very satisfied.

The pricing was reasonable for what you get, most lunch meals started just over 200 NRS and the drinks were right around the average price points, maybe leaning on the high side. My meal with chicken I believe was around 260, which with the quantity of chicken provided in the sandwich seemed really reasonable. I should also point out that the service was very good here, something that can be lacking in many places around town. The preparation of the food was also very prompt, I think we were eating our meal within 15 minutes or so of sitting down, and they had a couple other people come in at the same time, so these guys were on top of their game. Over all very impressed, and this is being added to the places we consider for regular stops.


  1. I wandered by this restaurant (too) many times on my way back and forth from CIWEC. I never went in... now I regret that I didn't.

  2. Hey Court. I did the same, I went to CIWEC saw the place and dismissed it. If I hadn't been informed how good it was by a number of friends I may have never gone in. Right near by is Barwachi, which is ok, but to think how many times I have had lunch there, and could have been to Cibo instead. Oh well. Next time you come to KTM you'll have to give it a try!


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