Thursday, July 8, 2010

RIP- Laptop

So I just got back to Kathmandu from my trip to Tibet and had all these great pictures and things to write about. My laptop however did not survive the journey and after serving me faithfully for almost four years it died due to a seizure of the primary hard drive. Over the last month the poor laptop had suffered several setbacks, starting with the increasingly common built in wireless card failing to work to the more recent loss of the CD drive, which completely vanished one day (even in the bios). The recent problem manifested itself during our stay in Lhasa, and last night proved fatal.

With its death my pictures from the trip are sealed away on the computers other hard drive which at this time I have no way to access. Included in these are some great shots of  a landslide in Nepal, a 17,000'+ pass in Tibet, decked out yaks, glacial lakes, hundreds of yellow-hat monks, forts atop rocky crags, Potala Palace and American's celebrating the 4th in Lhasa. Needless to say, my laptops death aside, we had a great trip and saw some things that will make my list of top places to visit on the planet (some of them unexpected).

Without access to all my notes, maps, GPS data and pictures however I feel quite dumb and don't even remember the name of the town that had my favorite places in it. So until  my computer gets resurrected (doubtful) or reincarnated I won't have a lot to post. Since I need a laptop to write my book, start our business, and function as a human being in the 21st century I hope to have this problem solved very shortly.

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