Sunday, June 27, 2010

Apparently I'm going to Tibet

So we have been planning been planning on going to Tibet some time in July for a while. A friend of ours & her boyfriend, were going to bein China & Tibet some time this coming month. Turns out that it was early July, and since the summer is by most accounts the best time to go, we thought it would make sense. We had planned on flying in so that we wouldn't have to rush, but we found we could get a better price if we drove in and flew back. In order to get there on  the day that would coincide with Kim's friend however we have to leave on Tuesday. This Tuesday. 

So the day after tomorrow it turns out we are heading on a ten day trip to Lhasa, with five of those days being driving across the Tibetan plateau, four days in Lhasa itself and the last day is a flight back to Kathmandu. On the way there we will get to cross a couple of high passes, some over 17,000 feet and we should get some views of Mt. Everest and some other high peaks from the Chinese side. We will stop at some monasteries, lakes and all in all it should be a good time 

Route: Kathmandu to Lhasa

Once in Lhasa there should be quite a few things to go and see, including the palace. Even the flight home has the potential to be quite spectacular, as we will be flying right over the high Himalaya and could really get some great views if it is a clear morning. Crossing my fingers for a window seat on that one.

This all came up a little faster than I expected and to be honest I'm far less prepared than I normally am as to what I will be going to see. It also means I'm going to miss any Independence day celebrations. I know the American club at Phora puts on a cook out, and I'm sure of all the American ex-pats here some one would have had a BBQ or something. Oh well.  Instead I'll be celebrating on a bus somewhere in China. Hopefully I'll get intermittent internet access and be able to update this blog with some photos and entries during the trip. Should be fun! 

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  1. Hi Brian,

    you guys will have to let us know where you are! When do you get there?



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