Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Expat missing in the Langtang Area- Please Help If You Can

Every Hour Counts: Boulderite and Colorado native Aubrey Sacco, 23, is missing in Nepal after failing to contact her family after a solo, week-long trek in the region of Langtang.

A Facebook group has been created for Aubrey.

Aubrey is a yoga instructor, artist, and 2009 graduate of the University of Colorado. She has been traveling through Nepal, India and Sri Lanka to help further her yoga skills while volunteering at schools and teaching English, including at Pranava Yogadhama Trust in Mysore, India.
Aubrey began her trek on April 20 after arriving in Shyabrubesi by bus from Kathmandu. She planned on following the Lonely Planet guide and was scheduled to return on or around April 30, but her family has not heard from her since her check-in at Dhunche on April 20. Although strikes in Nepal may hinder abilities for her to reach people outside of the country, the nine days since her anticipated return in which she has gone without speaking to her family is raising considerable concern.
Connie Sacco, Aubrey’s mother, says she has received conflicting information from news sources in Nepal and the embassy.
“The Nepal News believes that the stranded tourists have returned,” Connie says. “But the Office of Citizen Services, a government agency, says that there are still many stranded tourists and truckers in the country.”
Connie and her husband, Paul, have been on the phone and answering e-mails almost constantly in efforts to find their daughter.
Agencies in Nepal as well as the US Embassy have been contacted and are working to find Aubrey. Connie says that the response to Aubrey’s disappearance has been overwhelming.
“Everyone has been really helpful and we’ve gotten a lot of response,” Connie tells us. “We need to keep networking and letting people know that Aubrey is missing. If anyone feels like they’ve seen her, they need to let us know where that might have been.”

The family asks that anyone with information or contacts who may be able to help contact them atsaccolaw@gmail.com.

They also ask that people help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.

Please spread the word and help find a well-loved, talented member of the Boulder community!


  1. You are a complete dickless wonder. I guess you never had any children since you must spend you entire day masturbating. Your view on Aubrey hiking alone to experience life at the price of life makes me think that irresponsible idiots who let there daughter hike alone in a foreighn country are as stupid as your commentary. I hope that this stupid fuckin movie LOVE EAT PRAY does not send young girls to this hell hole to be sold into white slavery or worse. I guess you fail to tell your readers asshole that many other women are missing on this trail and one other woman was found dead and may have been murdered. Tell all the facts before you glorify this trip as a safe haven for the seeking of reflection and peace, dick face

  2. Since you know nothing about Aubrey or her story, what makes you think that you have any right to make such harsh, nasty comments? You obviously don't have a whole lot going on if you are up at 4:20 am writing crude replies to blogs.
    Your compassion is underwhelming.
    Is that your name at the end of your rant, dick face? I bet you are just a pleasure to be around.

  3. The consistent use of name calling to try and make a point is a general showing of weakness of argument or of an emotional state that is incapable of making a rational one. I almost just deleted the post by "Anonymous" but I think it is a great example of what people who have think the world is a super scary place think and act.

    The bad movie is actually Eat, Pray, Love. I'm not sure what this "White Slavery" you talk about is. The trafficking of white woman (or men) in South Asia is not something that happens on any grand scale (if at all). As someone who lives in Kathmandu, I'm aware of how many tourists go missing, and it is very low. The assertion that "many other woman have gone missing on this trail" is patently false. In the last 15 year less than a dozen foreigners have gone missing or been murdered, and many that are missing went missing in bad climbing conditions.

    Yes shit happens sometimes. Yes hiking alone increases those chances, and yes sadly those chances are even a little worse when you are a woman. That said, life is full of chances, and every day you roll the dice, none of us are immortal. Her chances of anything bad happening to her were low, but something unfortunate seems to have happened and at this point we still don't know what. Although your refer to a lack in my anatomy at the beginning of your rant (which my wife can attest is false), I would rather go through life in that state then living a life where I didn't have any balls to actually enjoy life.


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