Thursday, January 28, 2010

Garden of Dreams and General Update

So yesterday we got a chance to visit the Garden of Dreams, a restored Victorian style garden just east of the busy Thamel district. It's a very pretty and relatively quiet spot, considering the location, that can be entered for the low price of 160 NPR. For a day where I'm just looking for a quiet spot to read a book, this place will be getting a visit, although I doubt I'll pay for the WiFi. Pictures from the Gardens have been added to my January photo set, so anyone interested can take a look. I've also geo-tagged one or two of the pictures so you can see where they are.

For those curious, we still have not found our luggage. As we move into day six we are finding the usual frustrations one runs into dealing with anything that has something to do with India. How anyone thinks that country will become a super power I do not know. Their complete lack of initiative in dealing with anything and red tape that binds that country are impediments that would seem almost impossible to overcome unless there is a huge change in culturally in how things are handled. If I had to place my bet on an Asian nation, mines firmly with China. Anyway as we move into day six without worldly possessions I am preparing to go to the airport again...

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