Monday, January 4, 2010

17 Days and Counting

Actually it's 16 days and about 20 hours, but close enough. Things have gone remarkably well for us in preparing for the big move. We were able to find loving families for both of our dogs, and we have had someone rent our side of the apartment building. All that is left
 that we really have to do something about is selling our cars. January isn't the best month for selling a vehicle, but that will be my focus for the remainder of time before our trip.

On the Nepal end, Mr. Pradip Shresta has been a huge help in guiding us to what we may expect in Nepal, and we will be staying with him when we first arrive. I personally think this will be a great way to be introduced to the country. He has an apartment in Lazimpat, which is the embassy district in Kathmandu and looks to be a very nice area.

Still all I can do right now is think about being there, when really I know I need to focus on being here and tying up all loose ends.

Just 17 days to go.

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