Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Not the Same After a Few Years

When I first started writing this blog and had arrived in Kathmandu with wide eyes, most of what I took photos of and talked about weren't all that different than what you see in most tourist blogs. But things change after a few years. Aside from a complete lack of time to devote to writing here, I also just don't have as much to say about being here in Kathmandu any more. At some point it becomes home, and all those things that strike my countrymen as extremely peculiar here just seem normal to me.

Still everyone once in a while you go about doing things that make for at least a good photo or two. So here are a few from the last few weeks.

Roman Senator or Nepali Cross Dresser?

The thing about togas is that they look an awful lot like saris. So while going to a toga party back home seems quite manly, here there is the chance you might just be seen as a cross dressing weirdo. Not deterred and confident in my sexuality I dressed in a toga for Halloween. 

Spiced Rum, Carved Pumpkins- It's Halloween in KTM

Halloween had become one of my favorite holidays back home. Despite my best efforts it still hasn't quite caught on here. I might have to open a costume shop here for next year.

Music CD Launch and Press Lunch for Pamini

As reported earlier I will be in an upcoming Nepali movie, Padmini. A few days back we had the launch for the music CD that goes with the movie as well as the Premier of the music video. Now for those of you that don't know, it is almost a requirement in south Asian cinema that there be 5-15 minutes of song and dance randomly inserted into the movie that do little or nothing to advance the plot. Still I know that a good song and video can float a movie here that would otherwise bomb at the theater. 

Lulz- I was on a Nepali Movie Website

Watching all the parts that take place in getting a movie made here has been kind of cool actually. I'm being told that the release date is set for January 8th, and the run time will depend on the public's response to the film, with the typical film run lasting only about a week or so here. 

Yeah that's half my head there behind the guy who I believe sung the song.

So I even got to get up on stage with the rest of the actors, directors, and producers. Stardom here I come.....well maybe not.

 Not my kind of thing...but hey, I'm not the target audience. 

Grill House Staff at the International Food Fest

Last weekend we got to participate in the International Food Fest held at Gokharna resort representing the good ol USA. Last year had been a bit of a disaster after having lots of technical problems with the equipment and having been very sick in the days leading up to the event. This year was redeeming in that we were extremely busy, and had lots of happy customers!

Our stall is ready to go!

In fact we were so busy this year that I had to have more supplies sent mid day to make sure we had enough stock for the volume that we were doing. If I learned nothing else from this event it is that Buffalo wings have great crossover appeal here in Nepal. Brian's Wings n' Things may have to be my next venture!

So yeah, from pictures of cows in the road and odd spelling on signs to Nepali movie events and food festival events it's been an interesting transition. Things keep on moving, and it's still a great adventure here, even if the content changes over time.

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