Monday, April 11, 2011

Sacco Family Still Needs Everyones Help

We're coming up on one year since a young American woman, Aubrey Sacco, went missing in the Langtang region during what was supposed to be a short trek. The family is still chasing down leads and needs as much help as they can get. Regular updates still appear on the Facebook page that was dedicated to finding her as well as a page that is devoted to her at Recently her mother, Connie, asked people to forward the following request for information;

If anyone knows Danielle Fouche, a French citizen in her early 60s, please contact us immediately. Danielle trekked the Langtang trail in Nepal at the same time as Aubrey, April, 2010. She may have met Aubrey along the trail ~~ our investigators have b...een trying to find Danielle since June. The French government has not cooperated with our requests to locate and interview her. Danielle may be from an Island in the Lesser Antilles that is considered part of France. If you know this woman please contact us immediately with current contact information. Email or call: 970 356-8000

If you have any information about this or know of anything else concerning Aubrey's disappearance please contact her family.  


  1. Thank you Brian for posting this info about Aubrey, my beautiful, full of life, adventurous niece.
    I am grateful that the world is still with our family in the search to find her...and, by the way, we will never give up on finding her!
    We ask that whoever knows Danielle Fouche please speak up immediately, please have her contact Aubrey's parents immediately...& God Bless you, we still need your help in Aubrey's search, as Brian indicated! Thank you!
    Aubrey's Auntie Claudia

  2. You may already know this - but there is a Danielle Fouche in France that is associated with a bed and breakfast. She is about the right age and speaks fluent english. ? Email me if you have questions lukemire(zero,three) at yahoo (dot) com

  3. Thank you for posting information in the attempt to help find Aubrey. I've contacted the Sacco family and this woman has been contacted, and she is not the person they are searching for. Again thanks for trying to help, and if anyone else has more information please do not hesitate to post it as they are still looking for their daughter and I am happy to pass on anything that might help them.


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