Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Market at Cafe Moksh in Patan

The farmer's markets in Kathmandu are a salvation for those of us who want some quality foods that are reminiscent of back home, or some of the better quality food products from Nepal. For the last five months or so I have been selling salsa's at the market at 1905 every Saturday. For people who live in Patan, there is a new market that is now being held at Cafe Moksh every Sunday from 9am to noon.

Rotisserie Chicken, Cakes, and Spices 

Everyone that sells at the 1905 market seems to be here as well, so you can get cheeses, dried fruits, French food from Christine, cakes from Virginia, and rotisserie chicken. Vegetables, honey, jams, achar/pickle, Nepali teas, and seasonal fruit are all available too. Most  importantly you can get Enlightened Salsa here in four great flavors, made and sold by yours truly. It's a good community of people, and many of the vendors are providing things that you just can't get anywhere else in Kathmandu, or Nepal at large. If you're new to the Kathmandu valley it's also a great place to meet people that live here, as it's a fairly small expat community and a good number of us show up these. If you've happened upon this blog entry and come to the market, don't hesitate to introduce yourself to me, I'm always happy to meet new people here.

Enlightened Salsa, French Food, Dried Fruits, and Live Music 

The location at Cafe Moshk seems like a really good fit, and the staff there did a very nice job of fitting their location to the market. They have a nice outdoor staffed grill, a full breakfast menu available and a counter for coffee, tea, and food orders. The space is a nice grassy area in front of the cafe with the stalls set up at the edges and plenty of space in the center to mingle or sit at tables. There was also live music available that was quite nice and the band was very talented. Francois, who put this all together, told me that this will be a regular feature, which I think will be kind of cool. There are plenty of good talented musicians in this city.

So the Market is at Cafe Moshk
in the Pulchowk area (restaurant row) in Patan
Sundays 9am to 12pm

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