Sunday, August 29, 2010

Le Trio, Another Option in Patan

There are lots of restaurants opening up in Patan, many try for a kind of stylish look and serve imitation western food. Some do this much better than others. To be fair to these places, cooking many western dishes in Nepal is difficult because it is very hard to find many basic ingredients that are of the same quality as what we are use to. I'm sure many people from Nepal who go to the states get served rice and think "what the hell is wrong with the rice here." Many of these places popping up in Patan have over priced menus for what gets served and like a Chinese hotel, it may look like quality at first glance, but a closer look reveals the shoddy reality. So it was with these thoughts in mind that we wandered into le Trio today while in Patan's restaurant area and decided to give it a try. 

The interior did have a good clean look, and though it was trying a bit for a 'hip' look that I'm not a fan of, it worked for this place. Really good looking bar area that appeared to be well stocked. The stand out physical feature was a very good sized television, which would make this a decent destination if you want to catch a soccer match or cricket (you really want to watch cricket?). Unfortunately for us MTV India was on when we arrived, and it looked like the exact same bad reality shows they pump out in the states are made in India, only with obnoxious Indians instead of obnoxious Americans. Luckily the channel was changed to tennis at one point which is a bit easier to ignore.

So we just ordered simple lunches, and some fresh lemonade. Some of the best fresh squeezed lemonade I've had in Nepal to be honest. Often I find they get the ratios of sugar and lemon juice way off, but this was quite good (priced at 60 NRS). Both of our meals were priced in the mid 200 NRS range, Kim got an enchilada and I got a spicy chicken wrap. My food was quite good. It was like Nepali chicken chilly in a wrap, and the chicken was moist, tender and plentiful. It also came with a dipping sauce which was really good. It came with a very meager side of fries (maybe a dozen or less), which seemed a little odd, it's not like potatoes cost a lot in Nepal...don't skimp on the cheap stuff guys. As for Kim's food she reported it was better then most of the Mexican food that we've sampled as of late. Most Nepali Mexican food though seems to be an imitation of an American imitation of the real thing. It came with a good looking side salad and some rice. All in all not a bad place, I'd go back if I was in the area, especially if I was just gonna get some drinks.

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